Graduate/Undergraduate Concert 2022

Graduate / Undergraduate Concert

December 8, 9, 10 // 8:00 p.m.
Space Place Theater, 101 North Hall

This performance will feature eight works choreographed by graduate and undergraduate students from the University of Iowa Department of Dance.


Concert Schedule:

Zoe Miller, "flashcube"

Sophia McLaughlin, "Observations:"

Madison Holtz, "the moonlight will persist"

Armando Duarte's First Year Seminar class, "Variations under Steam" (Friday and Saturday Only)

Todd Rhoades, "Same or Different"

Brady Van Patten, "Belonged To"

Eloy Barragan's First Year Seminar class, "Arrival"

Margaret Steimel, Alyssa Alber, Sabrina Duke, "All Good Things Must Come to an End"


This concert has no intermission.


Choreographed by Zoe Miller, in collaboration with the cast


Choreographed by Sophia McLaughlin

the moonlight will persist.

Choreographed by Madison Holtz

Variations under Steam

Choreographed by Armando Duarte


Choreographed by Todd Rhoades

Belonged To

Choreographed by Brady Van Patten


Choreographed collectively by the class

All Good Things Must Come to an End

Choreographed by Alyssa Alber, Sabrina Duke, and Margaret Steimel