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Dancers performing in Dance Gala 2020

Virtual Dance at the University of Iowa

As the University of Iowa Department of Dance continues a blended approach to its coursework, the decision has been made to hold all performances virtually. The Virtual Dance website serves as a virtual "concert venue" for our students, faculty, and the entire UI Dance community to come together and celebrate the innovative work being done while we practice social distancing.

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Dance Gala - In Motion

November 13, 2020

Celebrating the 39th anniversary of Dance Gala, the University of Iowa Department of Dance presents works in progress created by celebrated UI Dance faculty.

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solo dancer in white dancing on top of a parking ramp

End of Semester Event

December 11, 2020

A virtual concert featuring the undergraduate and graduate student work, including the MFA thesis of Angelica DeLashmette Hurst.

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A gallery of videos documenting the UI Dance community moving, thinking, and creating while practicing social distancing.

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How to be a Virtual Audience Member

Virtual Dance Concerts go live at 8 PM, Central Standard Time. Follow the link to the concert's home page for specific details about each concert. Prior to the event's start date and time, you can check out preview pages for the works to be presented.

Here are the home pages for our recent events:

MFA Event

BFA Concert

When events go live at 8 PM, Central Standard Time, audiences will be directed to a page with the first piece on the program. Once they've finished watching the first piece, a button below the video will direct them to the next piece on the program. Audiences will follow this process through to the end of the concert, when they will be invited to sign a "virtual guest book" on Facebook or Instagram.

Audience members are encouraged to watch videos in HD by clicking on the settings icon (⚙︎) in the video player and selecting 1080p under "Quality."

Video content will remain posted on this website after the virtual concert has "ended." You may also follow the Department of Dance on YouTube and watch the playlist for the Virtual Concert of your choice!

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Dance Gala 2020 photo

University of Iowa's Dance Gala 2020 challenges choreographers to go digital

The final solution for how best to hold Dance Gala ended up being the fifth contingency plan put in place to adapt to a post-COVID world.
Dance Gala rehearsal photo

Dance Gala stays in motion on virtual stage

The COVID-19 pandemic has halted many longtime traditions this year. But the University of Iowa Department of Dance was not going to let it stop the 39th edition of Dance Gala.
Dancer wearing a face mask, jumping on the top level of a parking ramp

39th annual Dance Gala will present COVID-19 themed works

This year, the University of Iowa Dance Department will host their annual Dance Gala through an entirely virtual set of performances. The dances will focus on the collective experiences of life during quarantine.