November 11-12 // 8:00 p.m.
Hancher Auditorium

Dance Gala 2022 celebrates its return to the Hancher stage with groundbreaking choreography created by University of Iowa Department of Dance faculty, in addition to the premiere of a new work by FLOCK. With an emphasis on FLOCK’s unique partnering style, Alice Klock and Florian Lochner will work with students to build an energetic piece in which the strength and story of each dancer is highlighted within the context of community. This year’s Dance Gala promises to engage audiences of all ages and we invite you to take a leap and join us in this celebration.

Dance Gala 2022 Playbill


Assurance of Things Unseen

Choreography by Kristin Marrs


Created by Eloy Barragán in collaboration with the cast

Espaldar (Premiere)

Created by Armando Duarte in collaboration with the dancers

Three Trios

Created by FLOCK: Florian Lochner and Alice Klock

SqE8ty6R^y7 (Glitch Code)

Created by Stephanie Miracle in collaboration with Jenelle Stafford and the cast