Françoise Martinet teaching at the University of Iowa, 1979

Remembering Françoise Martinet

Dancer in red peaking between the curtains

Dance Gala Celebrates 40 Years of Student Experiences

The University of Iowa Department of Dance celebrates 40 years of Dance Gala this season, with more than 40 students performing on the Strauss Recital Hall stage.
Two dancers performing on the floor

UI students to present dances of multiple styles at Dance End of Semester Event

This weekend, undergraduate and graduate students will present a series of works in a virtual End of Semester Event hosted by the Department of Dance.
Dancers in cropped photo tiles

UI Dance Company to showcase diverse range of works in virtual performance

The dance company’s home performance will virtually premiere Saturday at 8 p.m. The performance will showcase five works, with styles of Brazilian frevo, house dance and hip-hop, contemporary postmodern, and more.
Juliet Remmers kneeling in front of an open door

Eyes Closed Eyes Open to bring International Writing Program and Department of Dance together

The International Writing Program and Department of Dance collaborated to present visual interpretations of written works and look into the future with their Eyes Closed Eyes Open multidisciplinary event, which premieres on Feb. 25 at 5:30 p.m.
Dance Gala 2020 photo

University of Iowa's Dance Gala 2020 challenges choreographers to go digital

The final solution for how best to hold Dance Gala ended up being the fifth contingency plan put in place to adapt to a post-COVID world.
Dance Gala rehearsal photo

Dance Gala stays in motion on virtual stage

The COVID-19 pandemic has halted many longtime traditions this year. But the University of Iowa Department of Dance was not going to let it stop the 39th edition of Dance Gala.
Dancer wearing a face mask, jumping on the top level of a parking ramp

39th annual Dance Gala will present COVID-19 themed works

This year, the University of Iowa Dance Department will host their annual Dance Gala through an entirely virtual set of performances. The dances will focus on the collective experiences of life during quarantine.
Close up of Anna Wetoska's eye, visible through ring light

University of Iowa senior dance students forced to make the move to digital dance for final college performance

"I think of this product as a story or timeline about all of the research I've conducted, and it's a nice reminder that nothing is precious and that art has many lives," Cullen said, "whether it lives on the stage, it lives on film or it lives in memory.