Haley Stevens

Subliminal Strength

Haley Stevens dancing outside next to a white structure

Choreography: Haley Stevens, under mentorship of Eloy Barragán

Music: Canada, Pictures of the Floating World; Wind, Mark DiAngelo

Costume Design: Haley Stevens

Video Direction and Editing: Haley Stevens

Camerawork: Haley Stevens and Michael Kolakowski

Dancer: Haley Stevens

First I would like to acknowledge my advisor Eloy Barragán, who has supported me on this journey and challenged me in the best ways. I am so incredibly thankful for the entire dance faculty who have guided me technically and creatively, as well as provided such a positive environment to learn. A special thanks to my parents who have always invested in my passion for dance and believed in my ability; because of their care, generosity, and constant support, I have become the strong and compassionate woman I am today. Lastly, to my fellow BFA seniors – I couldn’t have asked for a more ambitious, supportive, and silly group to grow with over the past four years… I am so grateful for the bond we share and memories we’ve made.

'As you sow in your subconscious mind, so shall you reap in your body and environment.' - Jane Roberts

'Subliminal Forces' is a work that investigates the power of the subconscious mind and how it can have a profound effect on the way we live. I have taken this shift from stage to screen as an opportunity to focus in on my current feelings and inner thoughts and how they translate through my body into the environment.
Haley Stevens Headshot

Haley Stevens was born and raised in Chicago, IL, and began her dance training at the Dance and Music Academy under the artistic direction of Krissie Odegard Geye. She then had the privilege to train at Visceral Dance Center as a member of the youth company under Nick Pupillo and many other fine instructors in the Chicago dance community. Haley is looking forward to graduating with her BFA in dance and BA in enterprise leadership. In reflecting on her experience over the past four years, she is extremely grateful for the friendships and connections she has made (especially within the UI dance community), as well as the opportunities and guidance she has received from colleagues and mentors. After graduation, she is excited to begin a new chapter working for an independent financial advising firm in downtown Chicago, while continuing to fuel her creative side and passion for movement and choreography.