Phelan + Gray + Boyt Thesis Concert

Title Name
Stage Manager Hallie Patterson
Lighting Designer Alastair Sigala Ramirez
Sound Board Operator Mia Nagl
Light Board Operator Maggie O'Gorman
Deck Crew Carson Simpson

Timeless Motion: Juliet Remmers and Michael Landez Thesis

Title Name
Stage Manager Mariana Tejeda
Lighting Designer Alastair Sigala Ramirez
Assistant Stage Manager Hallie Patterson
Sound Board Operator Sabrina Duke
Light Board Operator Bri Vogel
Production Run Crew Kara Bouck, Sidney Cowles, Cearra Crosser, Sabrina Duke, Jenny Fairman, Anna Kennedy, Leah Krantz, Amya Lopez, Kaitlyn Rogers, Brittlyn Taylor, Bri Vogel, Elizabeth Weidner
Sound Board Trainer Colten Langfitt

All Thesis Productions

Director of Dance Production Armando Duarte
Director of Graduate Studies Jennifer Kayle
Production Director Rick Loula
Technical Director Don Schneider
Production Stage Manager Briana Maxwell*
Costume Shop Manager Cindy Kubu
Electrics Supervisor Josh Nathanson
Audio/Video Supervisor Rachel Duncan
Assistant Production Director Jenny Hall
Dance Costume Assistant Juliana Waechter
Dance Audio Engineer Ramin Roshandel
Dance Videographer Luke Rothmeyer
Academic Coordinator Molly Dahlberg
Marketing Manager Kristan Hellige


*Member of Actors’ Equity Association, The Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.