Believing in Saints. (work in progress)
Choreographed by Eloy Barragán

Is an abstract reflection /interpretation of the similarities between the migration patterns of the Monarch butterflies and Latin American people. Both migrants and butterflies struggle with environmental and human threats in their place of origin and on their journey South and North, and both have developed a unique way of accepting and welcoming the dead and its cosmogony as part of everyday life. 
This work is an exercise and experimentation of material for more extensive work in November at Dance Gala 2023 at Hancher Auditorium, Cempasúchil – Love and Despair.


Alyssa Alber
Amya Lopez
Audrey Michaels
Cassidy Banwart
Claudia Jacobson
Katelyn Perez
Marcus Pei
Maddison Bulman
Soraya Cohen

Artistic Team:


Mariana Tejeda