Mariko Ishikawa + Kate Vincek


Dancer Kate Vincek reflected in a piece of broken mirror

Choreography: Kate Vincek

Film Direction, Cinematography, and Editing: Mariko Ishikawa

Music: Ex-Fiancée

Dancer: Kate Vincek

This piece is a work in progress.

Please note: Wilderness/Wilderness includes footage shot on campus at the University of Iowa prior to the COVID-19 Pandemic. This film also includes footage shot on defunct railroad tracks.

Gravity is different for me. Us.
With clipped wings.
Disconnected. We hate this.

Do we hate this? We hate this?
We need this
My jacket, my captor
trace of another time
trace of another way?
It’s my favorite thing.

We press onward. Risk, risk.
To feel alive or cope with death.
I’m very sorry
None of this matters. We come back to it again.

Press on. Imagine again.
Disconnect, imagine again.

We imagine so deeply that we
We are the wilderness now.
You can’t stay, you can’t leave.
I won’t leave.
Kate Vincek Headshot

Kate Vincek is in her second year of the graduate program at the University of Iowa. She completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in dance at Wayne State University, in Detroit in 2010 and has since been living, dancing, and teaching in NYC. Most recently, she has been a collaborator with ChrisMastersDance, and has also had the honor of working with such artists as Nicholas Leichter, Faye Driscoll, Jan Van Dyke, Jeff Rebudal, John Zullo, and Lauren Adams. She is thrilled and honored to be a part of the University of Iowa dance community!

Mariko Ishikawa Headshot

Mariko Ishikawa is currently pursuing her MFA in dance performance at the University of Iowa, as a recipient of the Iowa Arts Fellowship. Mariko has performed professionally with Albany Berkshire Ballet, Mandance Company San Francisco, Menlowe Ballet, Imaginatio Arts, eMotion Arts, and New Ground Theatre Dance Company, among others. She has worked with renowned choreographers such as Michael Lowe, Ronn Guidi, Viktor Kabaniev, and Reginald Ray-Savage. Mariko holds a BA in performing arts and liberal studies from Saint Mary’s College LEAP, and is excited to be a part of the Department of Dance at the University of Iowa.