Kate Vincek


Dancers in rehearsal in Halsey Hall

Direction: Kate Vincek

Choreography: The dancers

Music: Wings3, Michael Wall

Performers: Katie Bowden, Danica Clayton, Leigh Durian, Erin Evans, Audrey Gillitzer, Katherine Shamdin, Sarah Skilling, Jensen Steinbronn, Andi Wahl, Molly Watt

Periscope: to see over, around, or through
Here is but a glimpse of the work these dancer/choreographers have put toward this project. Initially this piece's aim was to attempt to both illustrate and facilitate some sort of collective "coping" through dance (or at least we started there). In this unforeseen turn of events, we are coping in our individual ways and maybe pushing through the obstacle a little bit to hold space for each other in spirit :)

Thank you dancers!

Kate Vincek Headshot

Kate Vincek is in her second year of the graduate program at the University of Iowa. She completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in dance at Wayne State University, in Detroit in 2010 and has since been living, dancing, and teaching in NYC. Most recently, she has been a collaborator with ChrisMastersDance, and has also had the honor of working with such artists as Nicholas Leichter, Faye Driscoll, Jan Van Dyke, Jeff Rebudal, John Zullo, and Lauren Adams. She is thrilled and honored to be a part of the University of Iowa dance community!