Jeremy S. Cline - Thesis

Brief Candle, Walking Shadow

A church in front of a blue sky with clouds

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An MFA Thesis Project by Jeremy S. Cline

Choreography: Jeremy S. Cline

Music: Original Score by Vahid Jahandari

Costumes: Michael Landez, Jeremy Cline, and Zamora Simmons

Lighting: Will Borich

Cinematography: Will Borich

Color Grading: Hao Zhou

Editing Assistance: Mariko Ishikawa, Kai Swanson, Will Borich

Makeup: Zamora Simmons

Performers: Branden Shaw, Joel Sorenson, Mary Grace Henderson, Valerie Gunn, Kara Bouck Emily Trapnell, Katelynn Malmstedt, Elizabeth Weidner, Laila Franklin, Mackenzee Albert, Leigh Durian, Michael Francis, Marcus Pei, Bennett Cullen, Emily Buttolph, Allie Recht, Jenny Fairman, Dharmini Piekarska, Wesley Estrada, Shen Yan, Cosmos Wong, Calvin Au

Acknowledgements: All The Way Up Studio, First United Church of Iowa City, Jack Murphy, Kate Vincek

Please be advised, Brief Candle, Walking Shadow contains dark themes. Filming for this project was completed prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

'Brief Candle, Walking Shadow' was inspired from contemplations on consciousness, dreaming, and the ephemeral nature of life: it evolved into a choreographic conversation between the protagonist and God. The vignettes presented inside the film offer the protagonist, and hopefully the audience, an opportunity to reflect on the impermanence of any state, the persistence of memory, the fear of morality that stalks us all, the joy that can be found in being alive, and the harmony of the universe. I chose to create a piece in the medium of film in order to capture intimate, close-up choreographic moments, as well as to transport the dances and the audience to locations outside the theater. What you see is the result of many revisions and changes in direction as the nature of the piece took form.
Jeremy S. Cline
Jeremy S. Cline Headshot

Jeremy S. Cline explores philosophical themes, the subversion of gravity, and building community through interdisciplinary choreography. Originally from Maine, he has worked as a dancer, choreographer, and educator in Maine, Vermont, Seattle, Los Angeles, New York City, Singapore, India, and Iowa. He would like to thank his many teachers and inspirations in helping him reach this point.