Jeremy S. Cline


dancer climbing stools on a wall

Choreography: Collaborative process between Jeremy Cline, Paige Hendrickson, and Hunter Glenn

Music: Relentless, Layale Chaker and Sarafand

Costumes: Jeremy Cline

Performers: Grace Andersen and Hunter Glenn

This piece was created for  the course Producing and Directing Digital Video with Dan Fine, Fall 2019.

'Inverted' is a playful piece utilizing camera angles to make perspective illusions with two dancing bodies inside of large architectural spaces.
Jeremy S. Cline Headshot

Jeremy S. Cline explores philosophical themes, the subversion of gravity, and building community through interdisciplinary choreography. Originally from Maine, he has worked as a dancer, choreographer, and educator in Maine, Vermont, Seattle, Los Angeles, New York City, Singapore, India, and Iowa. He would like to thank his many teachers and inspirations in helping him reach this point.