Choreographed by Alyssa Alber in collaboration with the dancers

Is dance all there is? explores the possibilities of what dance can be and the interpretations of it based off four questions. These questions include "What is your relationship to dance and how has it evolved?, Where does it come up in your life?, What physical and emotional sensations come up when watching dance or dancing yourself?, and How would you define dance?". Each person has a different definition of dance depending on one's relationship to it.


Jack Delaney
Madison Holtz
Ashley McKim
Brittlyn Taylor

Artistic Team

Myself Through You-Michael Wall
With Me-Michael Wall

Costume Designer:
Juliana Waechter

Lighting Designer:
James Albert

Special Thanks

Special thank you to my cast who has been amazing and inspiring throughout this process. Also, thank you to each person I interviewed, my advisor, my family, and friends for supporting and guiding me through this process.