Choreographed by Jaruam Miguez Xavier

The Symbolic Enactment of Metamorphosis is a work based on votive offerings and anatomical objects. These offerings are for the gods that have been or will heal from illness. Hence, I will explore body isolation, body weight, and disjointed body situations in relation to space. In connection to the dance, I can further investigate the possible narratives and interpretations behind the anatomical objects to embody motion generated from the relationship that emerged by the decidant and deity, thus, the dialectical relations between bodies and anatomical objects.


Evelyn Becker
Darby Russell
Mia Nagl
Lauren Macke
Lauren Short
Margaret O' Gorman
Brittlyn Taylor

Artistic Team

Music Composed by
Jean-Francois Charles

Costume Designer:
Sophia Favoretto

Lighting Designer:
Jeff Crone & Jaruam Miguez Xavier


Special thanks to Armando Duarte and Jean-Francois Charles.