Lost... Are We?

Gold backgrond with particle board pattern

Choreography: Maggie O'Gorman

Music: Original work composed by Eben Seaman and recorded by Ramin Roshandel

Costume Design: Juliana Waechter

Lighting Design: Jim Albert

Mentor: Armando Duarte

Dancers: Sidney Cowles, Margaret Steimel, Alyssa Alber

Lost… Are We? demonstrates the unsettling feelings that arise in our brain. We walk through life showing others the outskirts of ourselves, portraying the best sides of one another. This piece pushes that comfortability by reflecting and portraying that each individual has something they are going through, and that the people around us helps to distract us from these problems. But with all the support we may have, do these feelings ever go away?

I would like to thank Armando Duarte for mentoring me through this choreographic process, and throughout my choreographic journey. I would also like to thank department chair, George De La Peña for his support throughout this process. Thank you to my dancers, Sidney Cowles, Margaret Steimel, and Alyssa Alber for assisting me in bringing my vision into life. Lastly, thank you to my parents, friends, and family for the constant support and encouragement.

Margaret O'Gorman headshot
Maggie O'Gorman is a third-year BFA student in the department. Prior to college, Maggie primarily trained at American Dance Center in Orland Park, Illinois. She was a part of their performance team where she had the opportunities to perform at Six Flags, Navy Pier, Disney World, DisneyLand, and attend Dance Excellence in Los Angeles, California, two times. Throughout her time at Iowa, she has been a part of Dance Gala 2019, 2020, and 2021, where she has worked with professors Eloy Barragán, Armando Duarte, and Christopher-Rasheem McMillan. She was also a part of UIDC this season led by Stephanie Miracle and Alex Bush. In UIDC, she got to work with guest artists Thomas Defrantz, Kristin Marrs, and Kieron Sargeant. Maggie has complemented her dance training by attending summer intensives and workshops with companies in Chicago, teaching at her home studio, and choreographing for her high school dance teams competition routines. Maggie is humbled to be presenting her work titled Lost... Are We? tonight, and is thankful for the dancers and her mentor Armando Duarte for guiding her throughout this process. She would also like to thank her parents, family, and friends for their support throughout her dancing.