Emily Buttolph

A Redirect Again

Emily Buttolph dancing next to a river, with a bridge in the background

Choreography and Performance: Emily Buttolph

Music: Original composition by Marissa Beaty and Daniela Rybarczyk, inspired by work from Jean-Yves Thibaudet

Musicians: Daniela Rybarczyk and Marissa Beaty

Camerawork: Kyra Liebig

A big thank you to Marissa and Daniela for endeavoring to work with my scattered self and their constant patience. A never ending thank you to my parents who have supported me in all of my goals and for showing me what real work ethic looks like. Thank you to all of my professors in this department for creating an atmosphere of growth and challenge. And thank you, of course, to my fellow BFAs for always pushing me out of my comfort zone and challenging me with all of your wonderful talent, weirdness, and brilliance.

The original idea for this piece, ironically, was recalibration to the atmospheres and shifts in space around the body and how that shifts perspective and response. That idea became evermore apparent as recent events necessitated a shift in medium entirely to the screen and collaboration over it.
Headshot of Emily Buttolph

From all over the place, but mostly South Dakota, Emily has been dancing since she was three in many places and styles. She eventually made her way to the University of Iowa's BFA in dance program and is incredibly glad she did. In her time at Iowa, Emily has had the pleasure of working with choreographers Kristin Marrs, Jennifer Kayle, Dr. Christopher-Rasheem McMillan, and Armando Duarte in faculty pieces, as well as many graduate students' thesis and independent projects. While the future hangs in the balance right now, Emily hopes to continue performing, and perhaps choreographing.