Alyssa Simpson


Alyssa Simpson dancing outdoors

Choreography: Alyssa Simpson

Music: 3 130, Michael Wall and a soundscape design by Alyssa Simpson

Costume Design: Alyssa Simpson

Video: Alyssa Simpson

Dancer: Alyssa Simpson

Special thanks to my advisor Stephanie Miracle, who is easily one of the coolest human beings on the planet. This process has not been easy and I will not forget the support, the advice (project and life-based), and the encouragement you've provided along the way. Thank you to my family for never failing to support my wildest dreams. I could not have accomplished any of this without you. And, of course, thank you to my fellow BFAs who have been by my side the past four years keeping me laughing, creating, and truly living life to its fullest. I'm filled with so much love and gratitude that I have for each of you.

This work was made in the pits of anxiety, discomfort, beauty, and chaos. As Jenny Slate says it, 'This is the pits. The pits are also the seeds. The pit is also a deep place with an actual bottom. You could argue that the bottom of the pit is where you plant the start of the thing that is made to travel to the light. You could prove, if you tried to or wanted to, that the bottom of the pit is of course the start of getting up to the top.' So here's my attempt at growth.
Alyssa Headshot

Alyssa is a native of the greater St. Louis metropolitan area and is currently a fourth-year dance BFA and journalism undergraduate student at the University of Iowa. From a young age she's been interested in pursing a career that incorporates both of her passions for dance and writing. In her works, she strives to research and unpack new perspectives that have the ability to advance access, visibility, and understanding. She's currently investigating what it is like to live, practice, and perform in a space of awareness. She sees power within obtaining agency and authenticity in the vulnerable spaces of performance.