Choreographed by Sidney Cowles in collaboration with dancers

"On The Mend" is inspired by Elizabeth Kübler-Ross' attempt in classifying the different emotions and thoughts that people experience after losing something they love and the grieving process that individuals experience. Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance all occur. But, is there a certain order that each person experiences these stages? In collaboration with the dancers, Sidney and her cast have been exploring how these stages can overlap and occur differently depending on the individual. "On The Mend" displays the emotional embodiment of three individuals on their journey through grief, and the question does the grieving process ever fully end?


Sidney Cowles
Mara Garbanzos
Hayden Jensen

Artistic Team

In the Kitchen by Michael Wall

Costume Designer:
Juliana Waechter

Lighting Designer:
James Albert

Special Thanks

I would like to first send a special thank you to my family; Mom, Nana, Papa, Kyliegh, Ryan, and Edyn, along with all of my friends who have become family, as they have always been constant supporters in my dance career and life. To my lovely cohort, what a (almost) four years it has been! I have appreciated each minute that I have gotten to learn, laugh, collaborate, and most of all dance with all of you. To my dancers Hayden and Mara, thank you for all that you have dedicated to this process. Without the two of you and your openness to this project, through all the trials and tribulations that this work has brought, you never failed to support me. I will always remember the opportunity to dance and perform with you. Thank you both for your artistry, my dream cast! To my mentor, Armando, thank you for all of the guidance, advice, laughs and jokes, and experience that you have been able to provide. This work could not have been complete without you as a part of this process, thank you!