Choreographed by Lauren Macke in collaboration with the dancers

"Beautiful Public Things" is an appreciation of the art of Sister Corita Kent and the art in the world around us. The music, movement, and projections are inspired by the art seen, gestures experienced, and voices heard in everyday life. In this piece the dancers explore the art of Kent and the art within each other. The movement acts as a dialogue as the movers ask questions and uncover that beautiful public things are all around them.


Madison Holtz
Garianna Clinton-Nelson
Jaki Bass
Talia Howard
Soraya Cohen

Artistic Team

"Portrait: Sister Corita Kent" composed by Dr. Mark Rheaume
Performed by the JACK Quartet
Edited by Dr. Mark Rheaume

Costume Designer:
Juliana Waechter

Lighting Designer:
James Albert

Projections Designer:
Lauren Macke

Art maker:
Corita Kent
© 2023 Corita Art Center / Immaculate Heart Community/ Licensed by Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Stephanie Miracle for her guidance through my 4 years and through this process. Thank you to Daniel Fine for his willingness to offer his knowledge of digital design. Thank you to Rachel Duncan and Nicole Blodig for your adaptability and help with projections. Thank you to Armando Duarte for his counsel for myself and the other BFA's. Finally, thank you to my incredible family, I couldn't have done any of this without you.

Meet the Composer

Dr. Mark Rheaume (he/him/his) sculpts text and sound into works that engage, hijack, and interrogate the expanse between history and memory. His works have been included on programs with the Illinois Symphony Orchestra, the JACK Quartet, and the American Trombone Quartet. In 2023, Mark earned a PhD in Music Composition from the University of Iowa, where he taught Rhetoric, Music Theory, and tutored in the Writing Center. His scholarship and teaching earned a Dissertation Writing Fellowship from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (2022), and an Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award from the Council on Teaching (2021). Upon graduation, Mark will begin serving as an Academic Advisor at the University of Iowa.