Choreographed by Kyle Ayers in collaboration with the dancers

This thesis is dedicated lovingly to all those who believed in me, and spitefully to anyone who didn't.
I offer this work in celebration of first-generation students everywhere: You can and will.


Madison Burkhart
Kaitlyn Claypool
Jack Delaney
Ruby Gentzler
Madison Holtz
Hayden Jensen
Megan Sills
Kate Tonn
Lindsey Urbanski

Artistic Team

"Tubes (Live Session, Quincy, CA 2014)" by Moon Hooch*
"I Wanna Go Bang" by Bjarki
"trumpet1" by soundFORMovement**
"Hot Stuff" by tacomusic
"#9 (Live Session, Quincy, CA 2014)" by Moon Hooch*

*Recordings of Moon Hooch used with permission from Jam in the Van.
**"trumpet1" used under a limited student license from Michael Wall.

Costume Designer:
Juliana Waechter

Lighting Designer:
Victor Maldonado

Sound Editing:
Antonio Gomez

Special thanks are due to my mother, Tonya Ayers, who provided invaluable help producing costume pieces used in this production. Additionally, Tanya Picard and Shannon Epplett for their encouragement, thoughtful feedback, and unmatched listening skills. I am deeply grateful to Rebekah Kowal, Armando Duarte, and Tony Orrico for their continued enthusiasm and curiosity about this work; it is better for their part in it.

Most importantly to my partner, Antonio Gomez, for tolerating me while I earned this degree. Thanks for moving to Iowa with me. We can leave soon.